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Hire Experts For Stucco Painting

Hire Experts For Stucco Painting

Stucco homes are attractive and can be very comfortable. Like other types of house structures, stucco will eventually need painting, as paint will eventually fade. If you’re hiring a painter, you will need to make sure the contractor has experience in stucco painting for many reasons. The most important is that the painter must prepare surfaces well in advance and bring the proper tools for painting stucco and brick.

Stucco is not a smooth surface. Whether using a sprayer or a roller, there are some guidelines that must be adhered to. Read on for tips on stucco painting.

Fix fine cracks and chips in advance

When preparing a stucco surface for painting, a homeowner will likely want to address any issues on the surface. After dirt and debris have been removed with a brush, fine cracks and chips must be addressed. Fine cracks can be addressed by applying a thin layer of masonry caulk. Chips must also be addressed with materials designed for masonry. The material should be smoothed right away, as sanding later may be difficult.

When chips and cracks are addressed, painting should not take place for at least a week, if not more. The masonry material needs plenty of time to set. During this period of time, the homeowner or painter can look over the rest of the stucco to make sure all areas that need attention have been repaired.

Painting stucco with a sprayer is probably the easiest way to address the job. But, stucco can be painted with rollers. The key is in finding the right rollers for masonry. Usually, such rollers will have at least a 1 inch nap, to allow the paint to soak into the textured surface and cover every part of the surface.

Hiring a contractor for stucco painting

As with other painting and home repair jobs, a contractor hired to paint stucco should come highly recommended. The painter should be able to adequately explain the special tools he or she will use to paint the stucco surfaces.

A painting contractor that can paint stucco and masonry will likely know what tools to use and can get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. It’s always a good idea to make sure the contractor is licensed and has not had many complaints filed, by checking with the Better Business Bureau or reading several customer reviews available online. Getting referrals from friends and neighbors is another good way to find a reputable stucco painting professional.