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Flooring Trends Part 2

Here are some more flooring trends that have gained a foothold in the housing market in 2013 and 2014 and will continue on into 2015:

• Wood

– Wooden floors are still popular in homes, particularly in kitchens. These are not to be confused with the tiled floors that look like wood. The most popular kinds of wood floors out right now are laminated wood, which is significantly less expensive than hardwood, and many would say actually looks better. For those homes that do use hardwood, homeowners and builders are drifting over to dark stains and tones, such as walnut or cherry. In addition, while the floors are all perfectly new, homeowners are preferring that the wooden floors look old and mid century.

– Another type of wood that has really taken off is bamboo wood. Bamboo is becoming popular because it comes from a renewable resource, and many of the cons previously associated with it have since been remedied, such as shrinkage issues. Bamboo is also popular as it comes in a variety of different colors.

• Vinyl

– Luxury vinyl may not be near as popular in homes as carpet or wood is, but it is making headway on its own. To make the luxury vinyl more affordable that we see today, the color and look of wood can be printed into squares. In other words, you can practically take a picture of anything and then turn it into a vinyl tile, and it can be placed into any room. Most vinyl flooring is found in the bathrooms of homes.

• Tile

– Finally, tile is also becoming a more prominent part in the housing world. Notably, the actual tiles themselves are becoming larger than the typical foot by foot long tiles that older houses have. It’s not uncommon for ceramic tiles today to have dimensions of one foot by two feet. Many of the digital prints that are used on vinyl tile are also used on ceramic tiles, which can give tiles either a marble, concrete, or a hardwood look and feel.

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Flooring Trends

What is the fastest growing part of the housing industry besides moving services? It may depend on who you ask, but many would say it’s the flooring industry. Since there are so many new materials and options available for homeowners today, there are an abundance of new flooring trends. For example, many housing amenities that were previously only found in upper class homes have found their way into lower cost and more middle class homes as well. We’ll take a look at just a handful of the flooring trends that have developed over the last couple of years:

• Carpets

carpets– The new carpets in homes are both softer than before and friendlier to the environment. This is because the carpets of today are being made with different combinations of fibers. They can do this by taking old polyester and melting it down to make new fibers. This makes the fiber significantly more soft and eco-friendly. Previously, these kinds of carpets were only known as luxury carpets and were mainly installed in upper class homes.

– Many of those in the housing industry have been surprised by the emergence of luxury carpets into middle class homes. The main reason for this is because luxury carpet is well known for how soft it is; many homeowners and builders after the Great Recession has simply decided that the softness of the carpet is well worth the extra cost.

– For the actual style of the carpet, people prefer a patterned carpet with a clean finish that fits in well with the design of the hope. Some carpets are also cut and then pieced together like a puzzle to create more unique patterns, and significantly adding on to the personality of a home.

– Do all areas of floors in homes use luxury carpets? Usually not. Typically, in the modern homes we’ve been seeing over the last couple of years and into 2015, the luxury carpets are located primarily in the bedrooms and on the stairs, no doubt because these are two places where homeowners do a lot of walking.